A dust explosion occurs when the dust particles suspended in the air in an enclosed location combust. Dust explosions can occur in locations where any powdered combustible material is present. These can be created intentionally or completely on accident. However, any type of explosion can be deadly. There are many different ways to avoid dust explosions from occurring at your company. Start by reducing the amount of dust clouds produced from your company. This will help reduce the chances of a dust explosion from occurring. There are several types of industrial vacuums and dust collections that can help reduce the amount of dust that is released, limited the amount of dust clouds produced. If dust is an unwanted by-product of your business the use of wet-type dust collectors is your best option. Set the collector close to the main source of the dust or where there are higher concentration amounts. Have explosion chokes installed to help prevent an explosion from spreading throughout your building. This will prevent it from spreading, affecting others and even stop it from causing more explosions in other areas of the building. For more information about dust control or help with your dust issues contact Ryvac Engineering.

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